How to Stop Gold Plated Jewelry from Tarnishing and Fading

In an ideal world, we'd be able to afford all of the trendy solid gold jewelry in the world but, with how quickly fashion fads come and go, choosing to invest in a solid gold piece of jewelry you may not feel like wearing in the future is a tricky thing. Gold plated and filled jewelry are the perfect alternative for the fashionable person on a budget. While gold plated, vermeil and dipped pieces may not last as long as a solid gold piece, there are some tips and tricks to get the most wear out of them.


Care is CRUCIAL when it comes to keeping your gold plated pieces from tarnishing or fading. Here are some major tips that are essential to keeping your jewelry looking good for as long as possible.

1. Avoid Excess Moisture

Try to avoid wearing your gold plated jewelry when you know you'll be sweating up a storm or chilling in bodies of water for prolonged periods. Try to keep your jewelry away from excess steam and humidity, this includes leaving your jewelry in the bathroom while you shower. Instead, remove your jewelry and store away in a cool dry place. 

2. Avoid over exposure to chemicals and beauty products

Some chemicals are notorious for damaging jewelry, even solid gold and silver. The best advice would be to put on your jewelry AFTER using perfumes and body lotions. Ideally, it would be best to avoid contact with these chemicals to prolong your jewelry.

3. Don't sleep in your jewelry

This usually applies more to necklaces than earrings but your best bet would be to remove your jewelry and store it in a pouch or jewelry box when you sleep. Our body heat has the tendency to increase and we can sweat while we sleep. When your jewelry is in contact with sweat in combination with body heat for about 7 hours, it can impact the life of your jewelry, especially if you've been wearing lotions and perfumes.

4. Keep jewelry stored when not in use

Jewelry is delicate and best stored in cool, dark and dry places. A simple jewelry box will do or the pouch your jewelry may have been packaged in. A tip is to get one of those DO NOT EAT silica packets that come with a bunch of packaged goods, and tuck one of them into your jewelry storage. These packets help keep moisture at bay and keeping them in your jewelry box is better than them ending up in a landfill!

5. DIY Hacks

We haven't tried any of these hacks but some jewelry collectors swear by giving gold plated and fashion jewelry a coat of clear nail polish or clear top coat spray paint. Most DIYers suggest cleaning your pieces with a lint free wipe and allowing the coating to cure for a few days before wear.  We'd recommend trying this technique on a cheaper piece to test out. Be sure to let us know if you've tried these techniques in the comments.

Remember, your jewelry is precious and delicate and if you treat it as such, you'll be able to wear your favorite pieces for a long time.

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